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On Women’s Health:

“…empowering women, by providing services to communities by providing technical assistance, and really creating ways of HOPE across the country that make women feel better about themselves and about their families.”


Gail Kelly, maiden name Gail Williams Glasser, served in the United States Department of Health and Human Services supporting behavioral health care. From program management to legislative advocacy leadership, her career spans mental health, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and cancer programs. She was a fierce proponent of education for the disadvantaged, supporting grants for local education agencies such as those offered under the Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged program (Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act).


Born in New Jersey, Kelly grew up Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating from an all-female high school in 1970, she entered The Johns Hopkins University, as one of Hopkins' first three black female undergraduates. She studied social and behavioral sciences. Gail earned a masters in social work from the University of Maryland and completed doctorate studies at American University.  Kelly is an active member of the Hopkins Alumni Association, the Society of Black Alumni, and the Hopkins Club.


She works with the League for People with Disabilities and the National Minority AIDS Council. She supported Building Communities Today For Tomorrow, Associated Black Charities, and State of Maryland behavioral health care initiatives. She advocates for HIV/AIDS public policy education programs in communities of color with extensive grant writing and fund raising activites.


Kelly is the Senior Project Officer with the HIV/AIDS Bureau with the U. S. Health Resources and Services Administration "creates rays of hope" for women with HIV by providing services to communities.

Gail's bio contributed by EVALINA C IKPOH.



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